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Quick Rules for Freelance Writing Success

If you are looking to break into freelance writing – whether on a full-time or part-time basis, there are some important characteristics that the top freelancers all share. If you can take into account and adopt some of these characteristics into your own writing, then you will stand a much better chance at becoming successful and earning money from your writing.

1. A professional writer writes every single day. They make time to write. Even if they are not working on a paid for project, writers still find a creative pursuit, perhaps updating their website, writing a new blog post or searching for new paid writing projects.

2. A dedicated writer learns how to study freelance markets and analyses publications thoroughly before attempting to write for them. A successful writer checks out the editorial calenders to know just when is the best time to ‘pitch’ any ideas.

3. Writing a winning proposal or query letter is vital if you wish to get jobs. Knowing how to hook that editor or potential client makes the difference between winning and losing a writing project.

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