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Procrastination – the Harbinger of Creative Destruction!

It’s true – procrastination destroys the opportunities for writing success!

From amateur to professional, procrastination delays and prevents writers from…well…writing!

Ok, it is fair to say that we are creative beings and that for many of us, the sheer joy of writing is aided and abetted by that creative muse striking and a need to capture words to paper, the problem is that when we find those precious free moments, it is often procrastination and not creativity that strikes.

One of the most important things that I have discovered since writing seriously for a living is that having an agenda for the day is paramount as it helps to focus the mind and sharpen the wit. I believe that writing productively means giving ourselves as many opportunities as possible in the act of writing and having a detailed plan helps us to achieve our goals more readily. Procrastination has less of a fighting chance when we are organised.

Being organised and not having enough time to think are two different things and an efficient writer uses every opportunity to conjure up ideas whilst carrying out the mundane chores that plague us each and every day. From my perspective, thinking about my writing projects whilst wielding an iron through the mountain of clean and wrinkled clothing, makes an unbearable task……bearable, plus I get the added benefit of having spent a pleasurable amount of time investing in my writing.

Stop procrastination in its tracks by writing a simple list of jobs that needs to be achieved the following day. This simple process helps to identify the important areas and also details the ‘nice to haves’ if there is time plus, it helps set the brain in a more organised manner and therefore will be quicker to tackle those all important writing projects that you have set yourself.

My simple message here is to not allow yourself to indulge in procrastination, be efficient, be focussed and be successful instead!

Annette Young

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