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Plan Your Writing Day

by Annette Young

Over the years, I have tried and tested many different ways to enable myself to be more productive with my writing. From getting up at some unearthly hour and hoping that the creative part of my brain would kick into gear, to writing at lunchtimes (squeezing in as much writing as I could whilst working full-time ) to dedicating myself to the writing process just at weekends. Initially it was difficult to make myself sit down to write on demand but after a while, this approach worked-most of the time anyway because there were some days where I really struggled to find the right words. I even used reward tactics when I had successfully completed a difficult project, and this helped when I was working on writing projects that in my mind were deadly dull.

I came to the conclusion that the words are always there if you search for them hard enough but on sometimes, it’s a case of digging deep and pulling them out one by one. Surprisingly though, these can be times when the results are of a high standard and there is a greater sense of satisfaction at having persevered. One thing that I have found works for me is that  I enjoy the process of writing down thoughts and potential ideas in a notebook (the latest is a glorious red hand-stitched fabric) and there i can collate the jumble of ideas that are mulling around in my mind at any one time, and assemble them in some type of working order. Using something so precious, means I get great pleasure about writing on the handmade paper pages and feel satisfied when my creative to-do list is pretty much fulfilled.

At a weekend, when I’m always less inclined to get into work mode, I write my notes the night before so that I can review them and refresh my memory in the morning and this triggers my inspiration to get on and get my head down. This might not work for everyone but if you are a bit like me, have a mass of ideas, are prone to being distracted, feel very lazy at times, then, creating a list of tasks to be completed just might be the way forward for you. Remember that to succeed in writing, you have to find what works for you. Play to your strengths but recognise your weaknesses and you will generally be far more productive and successful.

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