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Open Poetry Competition Winner

1st Prize: £150.00   Jessica Turner
2nd Prize: £100.00   M.Harper
3rd Prize: £75.00     Jenny Cooper

Circles of Life

By Jessica Turner

The moon shimmered across the icy pond, grey fronds of frozen leaf framing
A scene of perfect harmony
Nature, perfection’s best artist, a black, grey sky, streaked with slivers of red beckoned the dawn and
Sun, against the blackness of night and shivers of cold, I sit and watch dawn beat the night back to submission and hear the call of the robin, a hearty vocal rendition bursting through the silence, territorial, brave in its defence, I watch mesmerised, flashes of red chest in fiery dominance over its neighbouring shrubs.

How life trickles by in brazen splendour, how time ticks away and counts down to that all important final meeting.
They haven’t seen me yet, the early busy bodies nor noticed that I’ve slipped in rebellious style from warm flannelette sheets and emerged victorious for my final dawn.
It’s time for me to go, give myself up to my beliefs and let winter scene slip away, the cold frost of morning catches my breath and wraps it’s tendrils around my heart and so the cycle of life and death, it begins.

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