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Mini-Manuscript Evaluation – Offer

Our new Mini-Manuscript Evaluation Service is perfect for those who would like a speedy yet valuable appraisal of any partially completed manuscript or projects such as short stories or articles. The Mini- Manuscript Evaluation provides the same high level of feedback as the full Evaluation Service.

This is ideal for those who would like detailed clarification of the standard of their work and an open and honest appraisal designed to help the writer improve (where necessary) and to be able to help them to get their work published. Our new service is available for the following:

The first three chapters of a novel or non-fiction book – up to 21,000 words collectively
Three stories – equalling less than 10,000 words collectively
Three articles – up to 6,000 words collectively

A Mini Critique costs just £35.00


A Mini-Critique takes two weeks on average but we do try to give you an approximate completion date when you have booked.

In addition, if the completed manuscript is then returned for a full critique (£110.00)  we will deduct £25.00 off the price of a full manuscript review.


Liz Richards: I had my articles assessed and Annette was able to highlight key areas that might stop my work getting published. She was really thorough and it has helped me to really look at my article writing in a new light.


Jilly Smith: I sent in three short stories for the adult market and the feedback was really useful. Annette specified areas that needed improvement and gave me confirmation of the areas that I had written well. It was a really honest appraisal and I would definitely use the service again.


Mark Taylor: I’m writing a crime novel and have got to chapter six currently. I chose to use the mini critique service because I started doubting how well the novel was going to turn out:

1. Was the plot deep enough so far?

2. I wanted to know how my main character came across

3. I was really struggling with sub-plot.

 The report back was very detailed and revealed pointers that I hadn’t even considered. I’ve also booked in on Annette’s coaching service as I realise there are some techniques that just aren’t quite strong enough-yet. I will use the critique again for sure once I have completed my novel.


Mark Whiteway:

“The job of Author can be a lonely road. When you are on an unfamiliar road at night it might be the right road or it might be the wrong road. Or you might have come off the road altogether and not realised it! An experienced second pair of eyes can give you redirection or reassurance, both of which are immensely valuable. Annette’s mini-critique was well structured and well thought out and strengthened my confidence in my work. The only improvement I can think of is that where the work needed tweaking, one or two quoted examples and suggestions for possible improvement, would have helped put me a little more firmly on the right track.

“I will definitely be submittting the full manuscript to her for a full critique, and would heartly recommend her services both to authors who are starting out and to those with rather more experience.”

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