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Keeping the Creative Writing Ball Rolling

by Annette Young

Picture the scene, your imagination is burning bright, ideas are cascading into your conscious mind one after another and the words rush in thick and fast….isn’t that just the greatest feeling? The moment when you are in the zone and your story and characters behave. No-one enjoys having to wrestle with a stray word or a stilted sentence, we’d all give anything to have the creative floodgates open on a single command, but of course, it doesn’t always work that way. So what’s the best way to keep the creative writing ball rolling?

Really, it’s quite simple. When the writing processes are oiled and operating at optimal levels, don’t stop, even when you have finished with any current project, get started immediately on another, capitalise on that creative energy. It could be that you start planning the next day’s writing project, or, you create the opening paragraph of a new story, there’s nothing worse than blank page syndrome when creativity has packed up and left. Use the creative flow to fuel new projects so that it saves that ‘pulling hair out’ sense of frustration.

Equally, the more that you write and train your brain to respond to your simple commands, ‘stop procrastinating and write,’ the easier you will find it to slip into that imaginative state more regularly. Dragging those reluctant words out from your brain and capturing them onto paper becomes a little more effortless each time.

There will always be days when writing is tough,but sometimes it’s worth working through the pain, because the results can be far better than you can imagine. So keeping the creative writing ball rolling means optimising your potential while creativity is fluid or, assuming a dogged determination and working through it on those days when inspiration is nowhere to be seen.

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