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Backwoods Home Magazine is a country oriented “how to” magazine that specializes in showing people how to build their own home, produce independent energy, grow their own food, and how to make a living without being tied to a city. We also cover related subjects such as health, raising animals, food preservation, country skills, home schooling, arts and crafts, recipes, and book reviews.

If you are sending typed articles, send us the original, not a photocopy.

No simultaneous submissions.

The easier you make it to use your writing, the more likely we are to use it.

We also consider email submissions, but not as attachments. We will not open anything as an attachment because of the problems with viruses. Send email submissions, clearly identified as such, with the complete text of your article in the body of the email, to

Payment ranges from $30 to $200 per article, payable upon acceptance rather than publication

Check out the full details here:


Tips for Writing a Winning Cup of Comfort Story


Create an anecdotal story about an event or series of event(s) that had a profound and positive impact on you or on the person(s) you are writing about.

Write a personal story that embodies a universal truth.

Show, don’t tell. Color your story with action, imagery, dialog, and/or dramatic scenes. Minimize use of adjectives and adverbs. Make the reader experience the events and emotions portrayed.

Write from the heart. Tell your story honestly, fully, and succinctly. Make each scene as real for the readers as it was for the person who lived or witnessed it.

Begin with a strong lead that hooks the reader and that clearly and creatively introduces the main character(s), establishes the central theme of the story (plot), and sets the scene.

Create a rich middle that depicts compelling life experiences and human emotions—in other words, dramatic action. The mid-section should include at least one compelling plot point (pivotal moment) as well as transitional scenes or other transitional devices that continually move the story forward and toward the conclusion.

End with a satisfying conclusion that resolves the conflict/challenge in a positive way, leaves readers with an Aha! or Wow! or Yes! moment.

  • Payment: $500 Grand Prize awarded to one story per volume; $100 (each) all other stories published in book. Plus complimentary copy of book on publication.
  • Story Length: 1,000-2,000 words
  • Point of View: First-person or third-person (no second person)
  • For more details, click here:

  • Payment: $500 Grand Prize awarded to one story per volume; $100 (each) all other stories published in book. Plus complimentary copy of book on publication.

    Adventure Cyclist

    Adventure Cyclist is a magazine published nine times yearly by the Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit service organization for bicyclists. These are some specific types of material we use:

    Tour Account-U.S

    Tour Account-Foreign



    Payment for manuscripts is negotiable, but generally ranges from $.30 to $.45 per word. We buy first rights and will consider simultaneous submissions as long as we are informed of the other publications considering your manuscript. Your manuscript should be typed with single returns between paragraphs — no indentations — and single-spaced.



    Alternatives is a journal dedicated to in-depth analysis of environmental issues, including ecological, social and economic dimensions. It combines the learned rigour of an academic journal with the accessible style and format of a general-audience magazine. This unique hybrid has proved itself by its staying power: the journal has been publishing continuously in Canada since 1971, making it the oldest environmental policy journal in the country.

    Alternatives aims to publish the best environmental writing in the country – writing that is engaging to read and that provides a deeper level of analysis and insight than can be gained from the mainstream press. We invite feature articles, shorter reports, notes, interviews, resource guides, visual images related to article themes, cultural commentary and humour.

    Pay unspecified



    Most of the articles we publish are written by journalists and mental-health professionals. However, we are generally willing to consider first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. who have personal experience with ADHD or LD and whose insights might be helpful to ADDitude‘s readers (most of whom are parents of children with ADHD or a learning disability and/or adults with ADHD).

  • It generally takes us 6-8 weeks to respond to a submission.
  • We regret that we are unable to return any materials you submit.
  • Articles are usually 2,000 words or less and payment varies according to the article length, the experience and expertise of the author, and other factors.
  • We consider all submissions on a speculative basis. We cannot guarantee that a proposed article, even one that we’ve expressed interest in, will be published.
  • Payment is made upon publication of an article. If an assigned article is not accepted for publication, we will pay a “kill” fee.


    Yachting Monthly

    Yachting Monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats – whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further afield in blue waters.
    It provides an entertaining mix of vital information for cruising yachtsmen with all levels of experience, which maximises their enjoyment, increases their skills and gives them the confidence to broaden their horizons.

    Pay unspecified


    Funny Times


    Everything we publish is funny, so please don’t send in something that isn’t. We only publish cartoons and funny stories. Cartoons should be “scannable” (good quality photocopies are fine) and stories should be about 500-700 words.

    There is no limit to our scope and we cover just about everything that can be funny including politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion, seasonal events and everything else relating to the general human condition. Since we carry no advertising we don’t have an editorial calendar, but we have a lead-time of several months, e.g., December holiday material should be mailed for consideration in September. We only buy one-time reproduction rights and do not require exclusives; all other rights stay with the copyright holder.

    Pay: $25-40 for cartoons based on reproduced size and $60 for stories.



    Potential Freelance Opportunities

    Love Letter – write a letter to somone or some thing that you love.

    The Expert On… Readers give their opinions

    Deal Sleuth – Points to websites and stores when practical, high quality items can be purchased at bargain rates

    Plus more…

    Pay: $1.00 per word


    We Love Costa Rica prides itself on providing excellent, sometimes entertaining and always informative articles about Costa Rica living, retirement, real estate, activities and experiences.

    There’s no glossy magazine fluff, no standard guidebook descriptions, no promotional hype; just honest, accurate, well-written and detailed articles that speak to an educated, curious and well-traveled audience. is looking for talented, dedicated writers, photographers and researchers to join our team. We welcome queries and articles from amateur writers and travelers with a strong writing style and something unique to share with our audience.

    We also encourage you to be creative:

    Pay unspecified.


    A & S Online

    Articles must relate somehow to Arts and Sciences. Send  a brief query to  tell us who you are and what article you would like to write. We will respond quickly if we’re interested in the idea.

    The types of articles include features of 1,000 – 2,000 words.

    Payment: Approximately 50 cents per word.













































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