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How to Add ‘Bestselling Author’ to Your Resume

By Sandra N. Peoples

As authors, this is the ultimate goal: to be able to add the words, ‘bestselling author’ to our resumes. Well, while it’s not impossible, it does take much effort from you as the author. You have to believe in yourself enough to know that earning this title is well within your reach. Here are three things you need to consider doing to help you achieve the status of, ‘bestselling author’.

1. Study other authors that have become bestsellers. What are their habits? What do you see them doing on a consistent basis that you are not?

2. Revamp your marketing plan. What are you doing to get the word out about your book? Perhaps a simple tweak to your plan could help you find an untapped audience.

3. Explore all the sales channels. Your book is your product. You have to look at your book as a product that must be sold and look at all the areas of which you could do so.

We all know that in order to be successful at anything we have to work hard at it. The same thing goes for becoming a bestselling author. Along with hard work, there is also the need for the author to possess the time and energy needed to reach this coveted status. Here is a breakdown of the three steps listed above in further detail:

When studying other authors, it means to do your research. The vast majority of bestselling authors keep some sort of blog or have a fan page on Facebook or tweet on Twitter. Join their circles; and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. On their blogs, the authors will often share with you a bit of their daily ritual. Adapt your own version. Consistency always creates a powerful outcome.

Take a second look at your marketing plan to see what ground you may not be covering. You will be amazed at the types of places you can hold events such as book signings, seminars and the like. Your ultimate goal is to find as much of your target audience as possible. They may be in some places you never would have imagined.

You have to treat your book like any other product out there. Study sales techniques. Take sales courses, so that you can learn how to apply the principles of a salesman without actually being one. This way, you can help to propel your book sales to astronomical heights.

You as the author have the power to take your book to a totally different level. You simply have to make the decision on just how successful you want your book to be.

Sandra Peoples is fast becoming known as the go to person for all things self-publishing. She is the creator of the blog, ‘The Truth About Self-Publishing’, and the author of ‘The Truth About Self-Publishing: How to Publish, Promote and Sell Your Own Book. You can visit the blog and become an author in the know by visiting []

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