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Writing Project 1

This was our first ‘Just for Fun’ writing project and we received numerous submissions. Everyone had to include the opening sentence as detailed below and had only 200 words or less to write the remainder of the story. 

 With her temper rising, Amy threw the offending object out of the window just as……

And the winner is….Helen Lowry.

With her temper rising, Amy threw the offending object out of the window just as Simon walked into the room. Feeling sure she had been spotted, she turned and stared at the man she was due to marry, soon.

 He looked puzzled. “What are you up to?” Even the most innocent question sounded like an interrogation.

 “Nothing. Should I be?” God, she was annoyed with herself, why did he do this to her. 

 “Hey, only kidding. Don’t be so defensive.” His tone was slightly mocking.

“Oh right,” she laughed, relief flooding through her.

 He swept her into his arms and tried to kiss her. Part of her tried to resist, part wanted to mould into one with him. The tension flowed through her like a blast of lightening. Pulling back, he looked at her, his head slightly to one side. “What is it?”     

  “Nothing,” she spluttered. “Nothing.”

 Reaching into his pocket, he produced a photo, the same one. “Is this what you’ve just got rid of?”

 She pulled away from him. “You. You sent it to me?” she raged. “How could you?”

 “How could I? You are the one who has betrayed me; you and your lover.”

 Helen Lowry Bio:
I’m 48, married to an American, have two step children and four gerbils, and live in Yorkshire. At present I work part time as a Civil Servant, but who knows for how much longer. Making the extra effort to write and try to earn some money from it – I live in hope. I’ve been writing for about five years and am taking the Writer’s Bureau course, and have recently changed from non-fiction to the fiction part.
I’m a member of an online group called Fiction Addiction. We send stories out to the group for critiques, ideas and general help – which I’ve found very useful. 
Had a few articles published in The Lady and a short story in The Weekly News. I’ve won a couple of competitions including a Writer’s News comp last year. Would love to break into the Women’s magazine market.
Enjoy reading most things, but very partial to a good crime novel, especially with a good murder on the first page! 



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