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Freelance Writing Made Easy

freelancingby Annette Young

If you are passionate about freelance writing and you would love to make it your full-time career, then you need to learn what works and what doesn’t, so that you can stand out against other writers. Freelance writing can be tough especially if you are just starting out or learning the ropes whilst trying desperately to make a living. My personal advice is that you prepare your mindset so that your focus is in place first and you know just what you are trying to achieve.

Here are my top tips to help your freelance writing journey become a whole lot smoother:

1. Don’t just give up the day job even if your burning ambition is to be a full-time writer. Do it the proper way, learn your craft and get a few published credits under your belt. Most importantly if you really want to go for it have at least six months money behind you so that you can pay your bills and you won’t starve.

2. Create an ideas file. You can get ideas from anywhere and everywhere if you keep an open mind and absorb life as it happens to you or around you.

3. Create a personal writing space. It doesn’t have to be big or grand; it just needs to be yours. An attic room, a quiet corner in your house or a sheltered garden glade, it’s entirely up to you as long as you can concentrate and become inspired.

4. Recycle your ideas, even those that have been published.

5. Don’t be down when you get rejections, learn from them. If you get a personalised comment with the rejection, take heart, it’s not usual. Use each rejection as a way to learn the freelance writing craft even more.

6. Designate set writing hours where possible. If you’re an early bird, capitalise on that and write your heart out. If not, write in your lunch hour or after putting the children to bed. Freelance writing means making sacrifices and allowing time to study your craft.

7. Meet other writers where possible because writing can be a lonely occupation. You might be the most gregarious person but when you are writing, you become introspective.

8. Read, read, read. Find time to establish what is current. Learn writing styles; add new techniques to your repertoire.

Your freelance writing may not always be easy, but it will be eventful and ultimately, satisfying.

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