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Dreaming Up New Ideas

Constantly creating new ideas or conjuring up whole new environments in which our fictional characters can live and play can be a difficult challenge sometimes but what if we could use our dreams to stimulate creativity or at the very least to inspire us?

We all dream, albeit sometimes we wake up and our dreams are but a hazy memory, but training ourselves to recall dreams before they fade can be done. Sometimes our dreams can be vividly intense and crammed with twists and turns and characters that are larger than life, and those are the dreams that usually feel as if they have been visibly imprinted on our minds. Sometimes they feel so real, that it takes a while for normality to filter through our muddled dream state.

I believe that I am fortunate to have consistently been able to recall those multi-coloured exploits in fairly vivid details and even though may not remember all of the facts, have been able to weave aspects of any remembered dream into my own fictional tales. Our dreams do not have to be relayed in full remember, if necessary, tiny aspects can be used to enhance an existing plot or perhaps introduce a characteristic or a flaw to enhance our main characters and help them stand out in the reader’s mind. Even those dreams that appear in full as if an interactive 3 dimensional film show do not have to be used in their entirely, we can pluck key moments from the scenes with dexterity, recycling specific aspects so that they work for us.

Using our dreams means that we maximise the opportunity to deliver unique fiction all without having to force ourselves to conjure up those ideas manually. They are there for our taking so let’s use them.

Annette Young

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