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Don’t Be Fooled By Shiny Magic Buttons

by Annette Young

We live in a disposable society – do you know that?

People rarely want to work hard and climb the ladder towards the top of their chosen field, it’s all too easy to take shortcuts these days. With the onset of digital publishing, writers are a little like that too. I’m all for the great opportunities that companies such as Amazon have brought to the writing world, but it doesn’t mean that those who wish to jump onto the publishing band wagon should not provide high quality material.  Real writers- who have words running through their veins, have worked exceptionally hard to learn their craft and to earn their publishing stripes. They are proud of the work they produce and they market it with pride – and rightly so. We’ve probably all read some books that really should not have been published and that’s a shame.

But writers are drawn to the shiny magic button that says here’s how to bypass the learning stage. The promises of instant publication and churning out books in a matter of weeks is a nonsense of course. Or at least it is if you don’t have the skills or, the savvy to hire a good writer who can help you through.  What’s wrong with learning the craft? What’s wrong in experiencing the joy of watching your creative talents develop? If you avoid taking the shiny, magic button route, the end product means so much more to you.

I always think of it as the magpie effect – just because it’s shiny and appealing and you have the urge to click that button, doesn’t mean that your creative outpourings are going to be worthy. I’m all for people making the most of their creative skills, I’m all for helping non-writers achieve their publishing dream, but I am absolutely not for those who deep down know they cannot write, and yet, who offer the reader books of little value.

Do you know what that does? It de-values the written word.

If you want to be a writer, do it the good old-fashioned way and learn the craft. Ignore those adverts that say they can turn you into a  best-selling author overnight or, they can help you write your book in a weekend. Ignore those fake publishing companies who promise you all and deliver a big fat zero. It’s all nonsense and deep down you know that too. Ignore the shiny, magic button that promises all and delivers disappointment, either learn the craft fully and embrace the written word, or, if you don’t have time or the dedication, let a professional writer breathe life into your idea.

People used to dream of being a writer of merit, let’s bring that dream back.

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