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Creative Writing – Never Give Up

by Annette Young

It’s all too easy to give up on your dreams in life – whatever they may be. Achieving any desired goal is…well,  hard work and it takes dedication. In creative writing terms, the road to publication may seem a long and arduous one filled with little traps to keep you from succeeding. You can be forgiven for having self-doubts and wondering if you will ever learn all of the essential elements necessary to write well. Each technique after all needs to be effortless and it has to be fluid.

But although it can be difficult, achieving your creative writing goals is possible. It’s about tackling each technique, understanding it and then using it regularly. Little by little you will add these techniques, all polished up, into your writing toolkit and suddenly, your dreams will not seem unrealistic.

Writing can be frustrating – true. It can seem impossible to bring characters to life or to create  a completely unique story – true. But, it can happen providing you harden your resolve and remain focused.

  • Writing every single day will make a big difference.
  • Thinking like a writer will improve your potential.
  • Developing targeted and achievable creative writing goals will put you on the right track.

When writing is hard, remember why you do it. After all, don’t you just love the written word? When the words start to flow or you have battled with a difficult paragraph, isn’t it the most satisfying thing to have shaped it into a powerful fictional scene?

The more you write, the easier it gets…providing you learn the relevant lessons as you go. There is no point continuing to write if you don’t learn and use all of the techniques. It’s about extending your skill-set and stretching your abilities. Spending time on the more difficult aspects of writing will improve your confidence and help you to realise that writing professionally means absorbing new skills and having fun using them. Think about the skills learned within the work-place. At one time any aspect of your job might have seemed difficult, until you learned how to do it properly. Creative writing is no different.

When you polish up your technique, you give your creativity free rein. Each day will bring new creative challenges, new skills to learn, but you’ll enjoy being able to pick and choose when you want to write, to be able to decide what to write and what techniques to use. Creative writing may be frustrating at times, but it’s also richly rewarding. Own your dreams, don’t give up on them.

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