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The Instant Travel Writer -CLOSED

Travel Writing Made Easy


19th and 20th July 2014

We now have a full list of participants, please email us if you wish to go on the standby list:

Travel writing – we often think of it as a distant dream.

We grind away in our day jobs and imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to make a living from writing about our travels, jetting off from one exciting location to another.  While the wish is strong, we often resign ourselves to the fact that travel writing is too far out of reach, it’s for the revered few, but the reality is that you really can do it.  You just need to know how.

Sign up for our second writing event of 2014 and learn all of the skills needed to join the professional set of travel writers. We share so much information with you that you will wonder just why you never took your travel writing dreams more seriously.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of this weekend course, in fact, you don’t even have to be available on the day that it launches so you can still become a professional travel writer because we send all of the information directly to you.


  • Two newsletters crammed full of travel writing tips and techniques
  • Watch our video sequence with expert tips
  • Get our Travel Writing Hot Spot Market Report
  • Get Annette Young’s The Stay at Home Travel Writer FREE
  • Plus a travel writing assignment, byline and publication plus FEEDBACK
  • Full support – we are on standby over the weekend

Sign up now or before Sunday 15th June and get a specialized discounted offer.

£12.95 (will be £19.95 or £29.95 respectively).

Are you a  Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish Member? Then click on the PayPal button below and pay just £9.95 (will be £14.95 or £19.95 respectively).

From Monday 16th July – 28th July 28th July, sign up for :

£19.95 or Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish Members sign up for £14.95

travel writing event

The full price of this writing event is : £29.95 and the discounted price will rise in increments as the workshop date approaches. So bag a truly creative bargain now. Once you have signed up, we will receive notification from PayPal and we will immediately add you to the database ready. If your chosen email address is the same as your PayPal address, you have no need to contact us. We will contact you once we have registered the details here. Please do email us if you require us to contact you on an alternative email address so that we know how to reach you with all of the details.

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