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Spy Fiction Writing Competition







1st Prize: £350.00

2nd Prize: £250.00

3rd Prize: £150.00

4th Prize: £100.00

5th Prize: £75.00

Closing date: 10th August 2013

Entry Fee: £5.00

Enjoy spy fiction? Are you inspired by the greats such as The Bourne Identity and James Bond? Think you could craft a cunning and tense spy story that will have us hanging on to every word?

You have up to 3000 words in which to impress us with your skillful plot and charismatic players.  We are looking for an imaginative plot that hooks us from the opening paragraph.

Submissions must be written in English, be original and previously unpublished.

Writers must be aged 18 or over.

Multiple submissions are acceptable but please ensure that the appropriate fees are paid via PayPal. There is now the option to order detailed feedback on your submission. Please see the relevant PayPal button below.

Please send submissions via email to:  and mark  Spy Fiction Writing Competition

Would you like detailed feedback on your entry? An in-depth report of every aspect of your entry can be yours for £5.00. The report will be submitted following the close of the competition. Note that by clicking on the PayPal button below you will be charged the entry fee and the feedback fee.

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