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Currently Being Judged

We appreciate the eff0rt that our competing writers put in and so we read and review each and every entry into our writing competitions. The judging process may have seemed very slow previously but we have been extremely thorough thorough. Submissions are whittled down through noting compliance to rules and for those that are well-written and imaginative. Short-lists are made and then the process starts all over again as those short listed submissions are reviewed again.

We do recognise that writers would like to be notified more quickly and we have revamped our judging process for 2013. Turnaround time is now just 12 weeks or less from the closing date.

The overall winning submission will still be published online and notification occurs in the free weekly newsletter

For all other winning entries, the individual writer is contacted and receives their prize. Publication does not take place therefore affording the writer to be able to publish their work elsewhere.

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