Seasonal Poetry Competition Winner

poetry competition

Congratulations to our poetry competition winners. We received some wonderful submissions but absolutely loved Ellie Shepherd’s Time to Reflect.

1st Prize: £150.00 Ellie Shepherd

2nd Prize: £100.00 Daniel  Nesbitt

3rd Prize: £75.00 C. W. Smith


Time to Reflect

by Ellie Shepherd

Snowfall – soft, enticing, ice tingles on my tongue

I reach deep within, shrouded in wool, remembering days of shimmering hues and skates on frozen ground.

Gone but never forgotten, I cling to its essence, like a child reaching for comfort.

Yet, I dread and embrace the winter months, pine trees clad in winter garb, the branches shaking free of snowy weight.

A savage wilderness wraps its frosted embrace around my world. So, this becomes my time of reflection,

of misted streams, a blanket of white with bone-chilling touch.

The earth waits, as do I to be reborn.

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