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Open Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to everyone who entered this open poetry competition.The standard was very high but we had to make a decision and the results are as follows:

1st Prize: £300.00 Alicia Page

2nd Prize: £250.00 T Beck

3rd Prize: £200.00 Sonia Fox

4th Prize: £100.00 Gary Holland


The Loneliest Time

by Alicia Page

Freeze-frame time. The sun, watery, and unconvincing, trails a pale glow across this autumnal land. Hope remains if I stay here, and I willingly offer myself up, victim, unrecognizable… any who witness my shame.

One precious moment, blurred beyond recognition, if I dare even to breathe. I am afraid.

Fear escalates as the sun is pulled from the sky, frail.

Nightfall claims this landscape once more, then, from beyond the gloom, I hear whispers, and the remnants of my tormented dreams, aided only by the wolves, searching beyond the door.

That time when the daylight fades is mine and mine alone. Seconds, minutes, tick their way past and it’s the loneliest time of all. Too afraid to leave, I remain

Imprisoned, where people have long forgotten to search. They forget my deeds, all of them, like fading embers of a fire, adrift.

Maybe they watch, peeking through the mists that infiltrate these hills, they see that I am trapped, now no longer a threat. The loneliest time of all is to be forgotten. I turn to dust.

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