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65 Little Words Winner – June

65 little words

Congratulations to our winners and the short-listed few. We had a fantastic response to our competition, and it was tough to judge. But in reality, everyone who entered did an amazing job. But, there can only be two winners and here they are…


1st Prize: £195.00 Roy Harris

2nd Prize: £130.00 Kim Cooper

Shortlisted: Roy Chadwick,  David Hynes, Olga Tramontin, Elinor Perry-Smith


A Bird in the Bush

by Roy Harris

“Zoom in, focus, oooooh, what a beauty.” Darren breathed heavily.

“Oi.” A sharp poke in the ribs. “Pervert.”

Fake exclamation. “No, stupid. It’s a great tit! “He handed the binoculars to her and pointed. She scanned the bushes. He was telling the truth.

He refocused, zooming in. His saucy, bird watching neighbor appeared. Fresh, cute and ready. Oh yes.








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