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Subscriber Only Postcard Competition Winner

We asked our Creative Competitor newsletter and Write, Learn and Publish subscribers to create a postcard message that fitted with our competition overview:

Postcard competition
creative competitor subscriber only postcard competition

Imagine that you have found some old postcards, edges fading hidden in an old trunk in the loft. One of the postcards has a very cryptic and compelling message, all you need to do is to write a brief message that fits our theme and email it to us in the usual way. Word count is limited – it is only for the back of a postcard remember, so write your message in a maximum of 75 words.

We are pleased to announce the winners:

1st Prize: £75 – Vicky Cox

2nd Prize: £50 – Belinda Garner


Here’s Vicky’s winning postcard entry.

Jilted at the altar, heart-broken and humiliated, I have had to spend our planned honeymoon alone, contemplating what might have been. Time, sun and beautiful scenery are healing my broken dreams and I realize that fate played a wonderful hand that day. Happiness beckons me. Here, I can be the person I was never allowed to be with you. So to new beginnings, I raise my glass and say Happy Honeymoon darling. 



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