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Opening Paragraph Writing Competition Winner

We asked you to write an opening paragraph inspired by the photo. As usual, we received some attention grabbing submissions but a big congratulations to the three winners.

First Paragraph Writing Competition
First paragraph writing competition winner









1st Prize: £150.00 Theresa Larsen

2nd Prize: £100.00 Oliver Miller

3rd Prize: £75.00  Maria Carroll

The Sound of Evil

by Theresa Larsen

Mark knew he was being followed. Decaying leaves crunching in the woodlands on his right, sent shivers up his spine. He wanted to run back home, but had meandered through the woods and now, wasn’t sure of the way back. All he wanted to do was to find his dad. Where was he? He looked ahead deliberating, if he could just make it to the end of the lane, surely he would find him? His parents had been arguing again but this time, it was deadly serious. He had never seen his mother cry before or such anguish in her eyes. The sounds to his right were growing closer. Mark sucked in his breath and stopped in his tracks, trembling. Slowly, he turned, all wide-eyed; every muscle tensed to run like his mother had told him to do….

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