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Descriptive Writing Competition Winner

We asked you to write a descriptive paragraph using the photo for inspiration, we received some beautiful passages but here are the top three. Congratulations to those who earned a placement.

View from a bridge writing contest







1st Prize: £100.00  Maddy Smith

2nd Prize £75.00   Liam Harris

3rd Prize £50.00  Paul King

Moody skies set the scene as the winter evening draws close. There is a saltiness to the air, it is tainted, I can feel it pulling at my delicate skin. Serenity hangs like a secret over the beach setting and teases me yet further. Standing alone, I breathe slowly in the cool air tinged with a hint of promise. The air teases my senses and I fill my lungs, allowing the peacefulness of my surroundings to calm my tortured soul. As the light begins to fade, I watch the pockets of pink and yellow disappear as the sunny winters day kisses me goodbye and I wonder what the new day will bring. The exposed rocks harbor the strangest of creatures in the small life-giving pools, I sense their scurrying for cover as I draw near, my bare feet sinking into the cool sandy depths. Shells scattered as if sprinkled across the sandy expanse, scratch at my skin as I walk along the sandy shores, feeling at one with my surroundings.


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