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Descriptive Poetry Competition

We asked you to create a descriptive poem around the given photo and we received some wonderful interpretations. It was close but Gayle Hunt’s poem just took 1st Prize.

1st Prize: £100 Gayle Hunt

2nd Prize: £75 Shaun Peters

3rd Prize: £50 Simon Larson

On the Edge

by Gayle Hunt

Subtle fragrances, hues of blue from distant mountains, snow topped peaks,

I stand crowned, among floral red, studying a trail and a path to seek, the myriad of sounds fill my ears, dazzling my senses at this heady height…

I turn my eyes towards the sun, an eagle soars, outstretched wings, magnificent in flight. It circles around, with wings outstretched, its eerie calls echoing across the peaks…

And I embrace this moment with nature’s own as mountain hares, run, hide and peek, upwards towards the encircling bird, their partial moult exposing them to the eagle’s glare. I breathe in air so pure, filled with peace as I make my way across craggy rocks…

I edge further down to mountain tracks, tumbling stones and distant lochs and with my senses satiated, return to earth, my mountain memory, in glorious hues, locked inside, ‘till my next escape into the wild.

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