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The Creative Clue


The Creative Clue

The Creative Clue Quarterly Magazine

The Creative Clue is a fiction magazine, an evocative mystery, a complex puzzle and a competitor’s haven. Wrapped up in a glorious fictional setting, readers can don the mantle of an intrepid sleuth, reading between the lines to reveal the carefully hidden clues.

Gloriously richly woven storyline

Whether you simply enjoy quality fiction or love a good mystery, this new magazine has something for everyone. Each magazine contains a new mystery and numerous chances to win fantastic cash prizes. The competitions are perfect for all who love a good challenge and who embrace the written word.

Multiple chances to win

The magazine is launched on December 3rd 2014 but if you sign up now, you can have an annual subscription i.e. 4 copies for an incredible £9.99. The full price will be £22.00 annually or £5.50 per issue.

An incredible £900 of prize money in each magazine

Sign up now for only £3.75 for the trial issue – £5.50 quarterly thereafter (4 issues a year)./p>

Sign up for an annual subscription now for £17.50 instead of £22.00

photo credit: Jo Naylor via photopin cc

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