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Create Your Own Writing Exercises

Its easy to create your own writing exercises and use them at times when inspiration is flagging. The key to keeping the writing process going is to maximise the flow of ideas whilst stimulated. Make a note of all the ideas that you get but can’t use at those times and store them away for when writers block strikes or if you only have limited time to spare but need a kick-start.

Creating your own writing exercises can be anything from potential titles of stories, to practicing descriptive writing or writing a single line of dialogue and writing a story around it. Essentially, your writing exercise must stimulate you in a creative way, so if your idea is dull when you first think of it, it will probably still seem dull when you need the most inspiration.

The following are handy ways to create writing prompts:

Take a line from a song

Find a photo of a person in the magazine and imagine who they are and what they are like. Write a story around them.

Find a photo of a place in a magazine and write a story around that place.

If you get puzzling dreams, make a note of them, they could turn into a great story

On a bus,plane or train, listen to conversations around you, sometimes the most obscure things are said.

Listen to the news and write down any ideas that spring to mind

These are just some examples of writing exercises but if you start capturing your thoughts now, when you need a few writing prompts , you will be spoiled for choice.

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