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Book Marketing Made Easy Course

Book Marketing Course

Fed Up With Flagging Book Sales?

Writing a book is never easy…whether fiction or non-fiction. No-one other than a dedicated author can realise the  sweat, blood and tears necessary for crafting and finishing a manuscript. In digital publishing, poor book reviews or, too few reviews can be highly damaging to book sales but, there’s no doubt, online marketing and book promotion can be an absolute minefield when you consider you must choose the right categories, the right keywords, create a compelling book blurb and shout long and loud about your literary creation just so you help your book achieve the dizzy heights of success.

Have you tried everything and now don’t know what to do?

Importantly, don’t give up. Providing you have created the best book that you possibly can, there is hope. You just need to work out a strong and effective marketing strategy that will make your book run, leap and jump up the book charts.

Want to know how to get your books into the right readers’ hands?

Promote your books



The Book Marketing Course

Backed by Creative1 Publishing and the Creative Competitor, this  book marketing course provides you with all the up-to-date information needed to accelerate book sales, try out promotional tactics, marketing techniques and, includes a section on how to build your author brand.

You will receive lots of fabulous tips and reports including:

Easy Mistakes Even the Best Authors Make 

The Best Way to Promote via Social Media

Book Marketing Trends

Vital Editing Phases

How to Sell, Sell, Sell

Maximising Book Samples for Increased Readership and MORE

You’ll receive the very latest in book marketing throughout and guidance so that you can increase sales. If you are an author – either already published or planning to be published in the coming months and you are keen to learn how to promote your book the easy way, then sign up with us for a very special introductory offer.

This course launches on September 29th but sign up now for a heavily discounted price. 

Will be £34.95 but now only £15.95 or £13.95 for Write, Learn and Publish members. Offer finishes on September 25th.

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