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365 Creative Writing Programme

The 365 Creative Writing Programme is perfect for those who wish to accelerate their learning curve and yet, need regular motivation and writing tasks wrapped up beautifully in bite-sized chunks guaranteed to inspire.

Creative Writing Course

Whether you are new to creative writing or are simply looking for an in-depth writing programme that challenges your creativity and escalates your understanding of the writing techniques needed to create professional-level works of fiction, this writing programme will be perfect for you.

Just imagine, creativity coming to you every day of the year.

If you are tempted by the prospect of the 365 Creative Writing Programme, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you struggle to maintain consistency with your creativity?

Do you simply want to know how to bring your writing to life?

Are you frustrated with rejection letters or, feel that your writing is not improving?

Do you struggle with ideas or creating time for your writing?

Do you want to get published but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our brand new creative writing programme is for you.

This course covers:

The nuts and bolts of fiction – you will learn how to take a simple concept and create storylines that captivate.

Characterisation – you will understand how to take your characters to the next level of creation.

Action, tension and pace – keep the story moving.

Opportunities for writers – find out which fiction markets are looking for writers like you.

The easy way to kick-start creativity even when you don’t feel creative at all.

The transition from unpublished to published

Regular catch-up sessions with author and editor Annette Young to keep you on track.

The emphasis on this course is understanding what makes for a good writer and how to bring those skills out in you. The content is vast and in-depth but packaged in a way that makes learning very easy.  It’s designed to make you think and to adopt the techniques necessary to improve your skills. It is also enjoyable and you have the opportunity to try out writing tasks so to hone those skills and to accelerate your skill-set. This really is the pinnacle of creative writing programs. It’s the perfect gift for the writer in the family or, as a gift for yourself.

Sign up at the super-low starting price of £99 and book your place starting January 1st 2018. Please note that we will begin to send out the information on the 1st January and every day thereafter, plus, you can start whenever you like. This course does not expire. For all those who sign up now, take advantage of a personal consultation and evaluation of your current work for free.  This course will be priced at £299 so save £200 by signing up now.

A whole year of creativity for just £99! WOW! Click on the PayPal button below.


Are you a Write, Learn and Publish member? Have an extra £10 of discount on us and pay just £89. But don’t delay, the offer price is only available for a limited period of time.

Would you prefer to pay in two instalments of £49.50? Click on the button below.

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