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Character Profile Competition Winner



We asked for an in-depth character profile using the photo for inspiration. We received a great many amazing profiles and it was a very difficult decision but the winners are…

1st Prize: £100 – Stephanie Judd

2nd Prize:£75 – Audrey Coles

3rd Prize: £50 – Brian Stevens

4th Prize: 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 Membership – James Harwood


The Winning Profile – by Stephanie Judd

Name: Adam Caruthers

Age: 29:

Occupation: Business Analyst

Lives in London with his family. Home is a spacious six bedroom house. Adam would like to move out but is unable to afford a place of his own even though on a good salary. Fortunately, the house is large enough to give him his own en-suite bedroom and small study. Adam spends a lot of time on his own- deliberately avoiding his mother as much as possible.

Education: He asked to attend boarding school when quite young wanting to escape from his home life. He studied politics at University after leaving school but  was undecided as to his career when he left University. Fortunately, he stumbled into the role of Business Analyst for a large corporate company in London and found that it suited his analytical personality. He is not keen on most of his co-workers apart from his colleague Tim who is as far removed in personality from Adam as is possible but somehow they connect.

Family: Three older sisters – Emily, Ashley and Hannah

Emily is 35 and currently out of work. She was involved with an actor – Simon Day-Lewisham but this went horribly wrong so is currently bitter and single and had to move back to the family home which Adam finds irritating.

Ashely is 33 and married with two children. She married her childhood sweetheart and plays the ‘mumsy’ role in the family. She lives in North London.

Hannah is 31 and unmarried. She is an officer in the military and has spent time in war-torn countries where events have tainted her previously loving disposition.  She returns when on leave but apart from that, they see little of her.

Mother: Madeleine – unsuccessful fashion designer. Madeleine was never quite the mother that Adam wanted. Loving in a ditsy way. But distant due to her slightly out -of -faze character. Childhood was a mixture of discipline and unorganised chaos as Madeleine would get distracted and leave the children to their own devices and order would only occur when his father would return home.

Father: Roy Adam Caruthers – Successful business man with a retail chain throughout the UK . Business-like, determined, strong-minded and slightly despairing that the woman he married lives more in her dreams of what might be rather than to accept her lot. He also wanted Adam to follow in the family business, recognizing his potential but felt rejected when Adam turned his back on the family business.

Family pets: Lofty – yorkshire terrior and Marbles – 10 year old fat cat

Girlfriend: None currently – Adam finds it difficult to connect emotionally. Subconsciously he blames his mother because he cannot respect or love her completely and the women he attracts, seem to be similar in type usually.

Best friend: Tim Orchard – A 30 year old business analyst who hates his job. Tim is everything that Adam is not. He hates being practical, finds the corporate environment oppressive and likes to play pranks on people. Tim wants to travel the world and his ambition is to never shave again.

Adam’s personality: Adam is quite insular. Attractive, with a wide smile, the smile hides a lot of inner pain and feelings of inadequacies. He likes to feel completely in control and hides his emotions. The women in his family are soft, feminine and annoying apart from his sister Hannah. He recognizes her strength and inner pain. But they never talk to each other about their emotions.

Adam has a high sex drive. It’s the one area of his life that he struggles to control. Secretly he is worried by his lack of control and his need to over-power any potential girlfriends.His last girlfriend walked out on him when he became a little too aggressive in bed. Since then Adam has avoided women as much as possible. Adam is unhappy in his life but is not sure what to do to change it.

He has a good sense of humor, with excellent timing for one-liners. But his humor is surface deep only. For those that know Adam, they are are aware of this cold edge and that behind the eyes, there is little warmth. He hates injustice and those who pretend to  be what they are not. He decided against entering politics because of this.

Athletics: Adam was an excellent athlete for cross-country running but gave it up in his early twenties to focus on cycling and became a member of his local club to keep himself fit. He knows that he could be really good at most things if he excelled himself but he doesn’t feel enough passion for anything.

Hobbies: He loves to read – often books about science and in particular quantum physics. He reads fantasy novels – but despaired of the Harry Potter books and films but loved watching Lord of the Rings.

Injuries: Adam had his appendix out when he was 14 and found himself back in hospital on his 21st birthday when (under the influence of alcohol) he fell off some scaffolding and cut his leg open badly.  He now has an eight inch scar which reminds him of what happens when he loses control. He dislikes hospitals and never goes to the doctors even when feeling ill.

Socially: He drinks very little alcohol as he then becomes less controlled in his actions. He hates smoking and refuses to spend time with those who do and he is contemptuous of drugs and drug users.

Ambitions: There is a strong desire to impress his father as he has a deep respect for him and knows that he let him down previously when he declined going into the family business. Adam has a vivid childhood recollection of how his father prided himself on setting up the business from scratch and becoming a success. Adam believes that he has a flair for business too and a need to prove himself. He is considering setting up a consultancy business helping others by analyzing and project managing their first tentative steps into business.His favorite quotation is sit nomine digna meaning ‘may it be worthy of the name’. Adam is determined that one day he will make his own mark in life and the name Caruthers will mean something again.

He knows until he is fulfilled within a career that he cannot cope with the emotional side of his life and although he would like children, refuses to get involved until he is sure that he can provide.



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