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Book Review of “The Penny Pinchers Club”

By Laura Schroeder

The book entitled, “The Penny Pinchers Club” written by Sarah Strohmeyer was a surprising delight. I read it on my airline flights and it was an easy read. It was like having a conversation with your girlfriends or tuning in to the daily soap opera to see what happened since yesterday.

I bought the book because the title caught my eye. I’m always trying to find ways to make money stretch. I didn’t realize it was a novel. I thought it was a book on how to save money. It turned out to be something different, but there were a few tips given afterward at the end.

At first, I was disheartened because it seemed to be a story of another woman whose husband was leaving her. I stuck it through, though and was pleasantly surprised.

When the character believes that her husband is leaving her for another woman, a friend of hers convinces her to join the club that she belongs to. The rationale was that if the husband is leaving, she had better be able to support herself financially. As the character meets the others in the group, some humorous events occur. She even gets arrested for dumpster diving!

At first, it seems there are love triangles going on with the husband and his assistant, with the wife and an old boyfriend, with the characters in the club. It turns out that misunderstandings from found emails, conversations, etc. caused a bunch of worry for nothing. Luckily, there is a happy ending.

The lesson in the end is that communication is the key. Everyone needs to be open and up front from the beginning. When we try to cover our mistakes, it causes confusion and makes things worse than if we had just dealt with the situation in the first place.

The author did do some research about money saving tips so she could work it into the story. Along the way, the character and her husband did learn how to make better use of both their money and time so the family could become closer. A few websites were listed to learn more.

Some of the tips were to go shopping alone, shopping at yard sales, using power strips, storing batteries in the refrigerator and shopping in bulk at warehouse stores. Even for those who never thought money was an issue, life has a way of throwing change in the mix and we need to be prepared.

This was a delightful read and fun way to spend an afternoon over a snack.

Author, Laura Schroeder, has experienced life change first hand. As a young mother on welfare, she had to learn survival skills. She later returned to college and was a parole/probation agent. She now spends her time writing. To join an online community of care, visit her website at To contact Laura, email at  []

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