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Be A Wealthy Writer: Why Quality Equals Profit

By Carmen Berry

One doesn’t create wealth overnight-in spite of what the “get rich quick” scammers may say. Most of us have had experience, at least once in life, for being attracted to someone or something that was “too good to be true”. I know I have, and I’ve learned from my mistakes. While some do, it’s easy to get turned off by strong-armed sales pages that over-promote poor quality materials.

I remember one writing coach who told me that her 40 page book would teach me how to turn my email list into gold. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have fallen for it. When I got her Ebook, it was indeed 40 pages; 40 pages of double spaced type at 14 point fonts with extremely large margins. That was the first and last time I purchased her products. I am very careful now who I trust, and I’m less quickly to part with my cash than I was in the past.

1. Low Quality Products Undermine Trust

Those of us who genuinely want to help people while we are providing for ourselves and our families need not worry about the scammers. Eventually, their false claims will undermine their credibility and no one will buy from them. But as our readers, clients and customers gain important knowledge and assistance from our writing and information products, their trust in us will grow. As their confidence in our materials increase, so will our revenues.

2. Our Customers Will Respect Us if We Respect Them

I’m sure you’ve read sales pages that give you the feeling like the writer thinks you’re a fool. I certainly have. The promises are outrageous and overblown-the language extreme and exaggerated. These promotions, and the poor quality of the product, are very disrespectful of your readers and buyers.

People turn to you because they have serious problems to solve. They are struggling with issues that are disrupting or decreasing the quality of their lives. Your job is to provide them with real solutions to their very real problems. When you provide quality, you honor your clients and treat them with the respect they deserve. They will pick up on this and come to trust you more deeply as time goes on.

3. High Quality Products Translate Into High Levels of Profit

You and your customers benefit from the high quality of your materials. Provide real value and your products will be valued. Cut corners and create products that promise a new solution but is nothing more than a rehash of old ideas, and you will suffer as much as your customers.

Everyone wins when you take the time and energy to create high quality books, training programs, coaching services and other informational materials. Don’t short change your customers, and they won’t short change you.

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