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Author’s Block: What To Do When Your Muse Goes On A Vacation

As an author, you know that creeping, uncomfortable feeling. Every now and then, it comes uninvited and becomes your unwelcome yet very persistent guest. It haunts you. It confuses you. And then it hits you: Your muse has decided to take a few days off without your permission, leaving you stuck in the middle of your future masterpiece.

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Creative Writing Exercises to Get Your Writing Flowing Again

Creative writing can be a wonderful hobby as well as a lucrative career; however, everyone can experience writing block from time to time. Creative writing exercises can not only help you to break through writer’s block but also help you to hone your writing skills as well.

There are many different creative writing exercises in which you can engage to achieve benefit; however, there are a few tips that should be kept in mind in order to benefit the most.

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How to Write For Money in Ways You Might Not Expect

With the economy still on shaky ground, more people than ever want to learn how to write for money. The thought is that since this is a skill that everyone learns in school, it can’t be all that hard to do. Well, the answer is that anyone can learn how to write for money. However, if you want to write for money and do it in a way that not everyone is doing it (so that you don’t have as much competition), you need to be a little creative.

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Why This Girl Will Never Buy a Kindle (Or Digital Book)

Imagine this: you love books and the whole experience of “books.” Going to the book store, picking out a crisp, clean book off the shelf (or ordering from a discounted price on-line), cracking the cover open, the smell of the page, a special bookmark, the whole happy experience. Then, the Kindle arrives. None of the above happens. Nothing. Sure there are many positives about the Kindle or an iPad (reading a book on-line), which I can see, but imagine a life (or a home), without books? Digital books only? Dull and flat. Either way, the Kindle is NOT for me, or countless friends and associates I speak with. I am not alone here.

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How to Develop Villainous Characteristic Traits in Your Writing

An effective fictional villain has, to my mind, one essential characteristic. The villain should build up in the reader a passionate desire for his or her comeuppance. If the novel ends without one, or the villain is allowed to triumph, that makes for a profound sense of dissatisfaction in the reader.

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Tips to Writing Great Romance Novels

Writing a book can take weeks, months, or even years. There truly is no time limit when it comes to perfecting a story that an author develops. However, this is only the beginning of the process. Before romance novels or any type of book can be published, the author has to first know that the story at hand is well-written, edited properly, and is something that will catch the attention of readers. But before an author can publish a book, he/she must be able to write a book that is powerful, catchy, romantic, and one that truly captivates the reader’s attention.

If you’re a new author or just one who is slowly beginning to write romance books, you may have writer’s block or maybe you just want helpful tips that will allow you to create a piece of literature that is sure to be worthwhile. Below are some tips for you to consider no matter what type of book you’re writing. From romance novels to mysteries, fantasy an

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Good Writing Results in Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Authors too often focus on writing their books without giving any thought to marketing the book until after it is completed. However, marketing is integral for the book’s success, and writing the book is itself a part of marketing since the book’s content assumes a certain purpose and audience. Thinking about the marketing of the book before and as it is written will put authors ahead of the game once the book is completed


Taking Advantage of the New Ebook Revolution

When Amazon announced that their Kindle digital download sales had eclipsed both their hardback and paperback sales combined, the moment of the new ebook revolution had arrived. The launch of the Amazon Kindle in 2007 allowed people to simply click and buy to download ebooks from the Kindle marketplace onto their device. In 2009 the Apple iPad exploded onto the scene bringing with it the iBook app that also enabled ebook sales via other Apple family of products such as the iPhone and iPod.

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Life – Keith Richards’ Autobiography

Many of us loved ‘Life’. Co-written by writer and journalist James Fox, the book captures the natural story telling tendencies of the irrepressible rock and roller Keith Richards as he delivers anecdote after anecdote that defies belief and leaves you marvelling that the man is still standing let alone performing today. I found myself speculating what a movie based on the book would be like and then you start to realise that he has lived his life within or on the periphery of movies.

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Television Writer

Becoming a successful television writer is the dream of many TV script writers who are interested in creative writing for this most popular means of entertainment. A television writer holds a prominent position in bringing programs to television because he or she is responsible for penning the plotline, the dialogues, characters, and creating situations for the story. The TV writer furthers re-writes and polishes the script until it is ready to be used for filming.

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How Facts in an Article Improve the Credibility of the Author

Article ghostwriters know that there are many tools for writing articles that will boost the credibility of their clients. Ghost writing actually involves a lot of research in the development of an article, on the part of the writer. After all, not every article ghostwriter is going to be an expert in your field – their niche is the writing part. The article writer will need to do a lot of research in order to create an article that will deliver their client’s message in an intelligent manner.

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