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Annette Young and Angie Sansom


The Vegan Way

by Annette Young and Angie Sansom

Are you considering eliminating meat from your diet? Thousands of others are making the same important lifestyle considerations through concerns about animal welfare or through wider environmental issues. So whatever has inspired you so far to make you consider giving up meat or progressing from a vegetarian lifestyle to that of a full vegan, then it’s important that you consider all of the aspects involved prior to making such dietary changes first of all.
Whilst these changes are without a doubt, immense, this book will help to show you the way forward. It works as a great introduction and a visual sign-post to help you avoid the many pitfalls that you would otherwise encounter en-route and it will help you to embrace your new vegan lifestyle whole-heartedly and healthily.

Angie Sansom is an author in her own right. Having published many cookbooks, she is about to release another involving her other main interest photography.Angie worked in retail management for 18 years and has a background in graphic design as well.Accurate research is important to Angie. Facts not fiction is her motto.She also has two websites


Annette Young is an experienced freelance writer with a multitude of published writing credits worldwide. She has written a number of ebooks, reports and articles on a wide range of subjects including: psychotherapy, natural health,  yoga, hypnotherapy, NLP and also, training reports, business management and courses for adult learners at college.

She is a qualified Stress Management, Relaxation and Addiction therapist and a professional writing tutor..
Annette is also the owner of Creative1 Publishing and editor of the popular ‘Creative Competitor’  and ‘The Wise Woman’ a new natural health website promoting holistic health. Annette has her freelance writing website where she provides writing services to clients worldwide.

The Vegan Way is available on Amazon

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