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Author Marie-Jo Fortis

Author Marie-JoWhere did I get my inspiration for the book Chainsaw Jane?

I happen to know a sixty-something tiny little woman who trims her own trees with a Chainsaw. That alone gave me the title. Now, I happen to read Tarot. So I decided my main character would be a medium. I have read many authors, but few extensively (that is, on my own, and away from grad courses, etc.) and among those are Agatha Christie and Balzac. Add to that Voltaire’s tales. It seems like an odd combo, but when you know that Chainsaw Jane is a satirical thriller that centers on characters, it suddenly makes sense. There is a mix of mystery, horror and humor that Kirkus Reviews mentions in its—thumbs up, I am happy to say—review of my novel.

What research did I do?

Besides researching my mind (lol), which can be a dangerous ground for an author, as imagination takes you to the weirdest, and occasionally, most disturbing places, I did the basic research as far as how the NYPD functions. I also have trade books, such as Keith D. Wilson’s Cause of Death, Carvase and Paglino’s Murder One, Fay Faron’sMissing Persons. I am actually consulting these books right now, as I plan to make Chainsaw Jane a series and am working on the next Chainsaw Jane mystery right now.

Marie-Jo Fortis -Personal Info:

Love and adversity made me leave France, my native country, cross the Atlantic, and come to the United States. I knew very little English when I arrived and was certainly not able to speak it properly. Today, English is my language of choice when I write. It’s the language that basically saved me.

But not long after that, I attained a Master’s in English literature in the US after studying at l’Ecole du Louvre and La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. My work has been published nationally and internationally in Freedom International,Poésie PremièreTalus & Scree, and other periodicals. I founded Collages & Bricolages, a literary magazine I edited for fifteen years, which received accolades from the US and abroad. I enjoys hanging out with my spoiled cockapoos, Colette and Simone de Beauvoir; my parrot, Beckett; my cat, Chloe; my daughter, Maïa; and my husband, Pierre.

About the book…….

It’s bookstore owner Dorothea Sishy’s disappearance that takes two NYPD detectives to Noliar, PA, where they appeal to the psychic abilities of Jane Dzhugashvili. Penchant for vodka and swearwords aside, she is indispensable when it comes to solving even the most daunting cases.

Jane believes Dorothea, a widow, has been murdered and that her severed torso is now lying at the bottom of Central Park Lake. What’s more, any one of her lovers could have been the murderer.

Things get pretty personal when Cruz, Jane’s best friend, also vanishes. There’s no doubt her disappearance is linked to the murder case, but how? The clock has started ticking, Cruz is on the brink of meeting an ugly death, and one of the detectives is about to make a fatal mistake.

Featuring a colorful cast of characters in a world steeped in drama and suspense, Chainsaw Jane is a satirical thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Intrigued? Buy the book here.

Chainsaw Jane Novel


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