Writing Tip of the Week 18

It’s easy for a writer to become too introverted and staring at the same four walls can be detrimental to the whole creative process. If you start to feel stale then take yourself out for the day and visit somewhere new but don’t switch off your creative thoughts, instead soak up your surroundings like a sponge and recharge your batteries.

Make a mental note of the people that you see, events that occur and absorb the scenery. You can even try creating little fictional plots as you enjoy your day. Any ideas that you get may well come in useful for when back at your desk but most of all you will feel mentally refreshed and ready to start writing again.

Writing Tip of the Week 7

Music has a way to inspire and it has the power to stimulate the creative mind. Next time you are struggling to write with deep emotion, play any songs that evoke an emotional response and watch how the words begin to flow afterwards.

Writing Tip of the Week 5

A quick way to check when writing dialogue that it flows and feels natural to the reader, is to read it out loud. You will soon hear if it sounds stilted and false.

Writing Tip of the Week 3

If you struggle to get started with your writing in the morning, then plan out your writing day the evening before. This way you can maximise whatever time is available for your writing pursuits and you will be amazed at just how much you can achieve.

Writing – It Can Seriously Take Over Your Life

If like me, you are passionate about your writing and you think about it constantly, your brain can be on constant buzz alert and as a result, it can be hard to switch that level of creativity off.

I have heard some people say that writing should not consume too big a part of your life but how can it not when you  have trained your brain to recognise creative opportunities as they occur? My brain literally digests snippets of conversations that can be used to improve dialogue, it absorbs events as they occur around me and if I start people watching, I get an influx of possibilities through body language, movement and facial expressions. As fiction echoes life, I get masses of ideas on a daily basis and ok, sometimes too many for me to be able to focus on.

I personally think that if writing forms an integral part of your own make-up, then why fight it? For example, I am going to visit family in France in about three weeks time and although I am going with a friend, I have warned her that I will be taking my laptop with me (she did pull a face but knows me so well that it was pretty much a given)and I know that I will have to do some writing over there as I can’t imagine not doing any for a week. Think of the withdrawal symptoms! I love fiction but lately have had to spend a large amount of time writing articles but know equally that there will be so many potential non-fiction ideas whilst over there and who knows, I may even do some travel writing as a result.

Whilst writing may seem like some sort of addiction to the non-creative, it brings an innate feeling of relaxation too and a way of escaping the sometimes doom and gloom of reality even for a little while and writing generates so many opportunities to stretch yourself in new creative areas. What other profession offers so much variety?  I could be writing a travel article in the morning whilst sat admiring stunning views of the Pyrenees, dream up ideas for short stories whilst sipping coffee in a cafe at lunch time and may curl up in the evening whilst planning my next ebook –aided by a large glass of wine of course.

I love the fluidity of the writing life and if writing has taken over my life, I say, bring it on.

What about you?