Writing Tip of the Week 32

Rage in creative writing

Using anger in fiction is a seriously great way to engage the reader and to help progress the story-line as long as you do it right. You can’t just write a passage where the characters seem to be angry and hope that you have conveyed the emotion, you have to feel the anger to be able to do so. Cast your mind back to a time when you felt sheer rage, so much so that you felt the pressure was a tangible part of your being and you thought you might explode if you didn’t get that angst out. This is exactly how you need to feel to be able to write it. I am not suggesting that you wait until your next bout of anger, but you can recall the memories easily enough and it’s that experience that you are after. Try it and see. You’ll have your story and characters come to life far more quickly. 

Writing Tip of the Week 31


When writing fiction, just remember that your readers need to engage with your characters so give them one to believe in, to connect with and to cheer on as the character overcomes all of the main obstacles planted skilfully in their path. There must be something likable about the character though, so that the reader wills them on, investing in their development by giving up their time. 

Writing Tip of the Week 29

Writing tip

It’s easy to let self-doubts overwhelm you when you first start learning the craft of writing. Stay true to your goals and remember that to write well, you must create the foundations of learning and build upon these while you shape and form your style. Remember – it doesn’t matter how good you are at the start, it’s the end goal that is important.

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Writing Tip of the Week 28

Ideas form the foundation of your success so make sure your idea is captivating. It’s hard to create original ideas but dig deep and make sure you find fresh angles and that your approach is original.


This is so important if you are trying to get your stories published or wish to impress a publisher. Don’t run with the first idea you get but consider all options. Extend and develop your idea as much as possible.


Writing Tip of the Week 27

Writing Tip of the Week

If you struggle to bring a little heart and soul into your writing and are trying to create moving or passionate scenes, then you may find it useful to recall some of your past romantic liaisons and remember how deeply you felt. Capture those feelings in words and bring a little honest integrity to your romantic fictional scenes. You will write with greater conviction and your readers will read with confidence and less distractions.


Writing Tip of the Week 12

When writing articles, remember to consider your market and to tailor the article towards your audience. This will ensure that you include the information that is most relevant and the reader is more likely to feel satisfied at the end of it.