Man on the Train Writing Competition

1st Prize: 150.00

2nd Prize:£100.00

3rd Prize: £75.00

4th Prize: 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 membership

Closing Date: 7th April 2012

Entry fee: £3.00

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Using the photo for inspiration, create a story that depicts a man on a journey by train, but a journey to where? What happens to him en-route? Who does he meet? What happens when he reaches his destination? We welcome creative interpretations of the theme and your completed submission must be received on or by the 7th April 2012.

You have up to 2000 words including the title and your submission must be original and previously unpublished.

Please send your submission by email to and write the competition title in the subject line.

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Please note that it does take time to read and re-view each and every competition submission, so please be patient. Winners are announced on the website and in the free weekly newsletter. We publish only the overall winning submission which means that the other prize winners and those who are not successful are free to enter their work into other competitions.

Image:© Iakov

Flash Fiction Writing Competition

1st Prize: £150.00
2nd Prize: £100.00
3rd Prize:£75.00
4th Prize: £50.00
5th Prize: 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 Membership
Closing date: February 10th 2012
Entry fee: £3.50 or free to  Creative Competitor Premier1 members
Become inspired by the photo and create a compelling story in 1200 words or less. (Excluding the title).
Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.
We prefer submissions by email
Please write the name of the competition in the email subject line.

Note: It can take some time to review all of the submissions and to make a final decision. Entry to this competition implies acceptance to this and to all of our rules.

We only publish the overall winning entry which means that those who do not scoop the top prize are able to submit to other competitions.
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