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Friday 16/09/11

Simply- Showbiz.com Seeking Entertainment Writers

Do you have a passion for writing everything showbiz, pop culture and current events? If so, contact us about becoming a contributor at Simply-Showbiz.com. This is a start up site and we’re looking for motivated people who are looking to delve into, or expand on their already existing involvement in the entertainment scene. Writing samples required, please.

We are looking for writers / vloggers (cute would help for the vlogging) to cover a variety of topics — movie, TV, theater, concert and DVD reviews, (Irreverent & fun attitude a must!) and your day to day “hot topics.”

You will receive mentions in our PR Newswire press releases as well as world wide exposure within our a bio section — and the occasional swag. (Swag and PayPal monies will be awarded to *gifted* writers, as this is basically a NON-PAID position. That said, we are looking for writers that can see the forest beyond the trees. Rome was not build in a day and neither is a high profile entertainment blog. If you have no idea what I just said, don’t even think about replying.) Bottom line, worthy applicants will be part of the big picture — THE BIG PICTURE. (Contracts will be signed as needed and when the time comes, this is no B.S.)

Compensation: Yes


News Assistants-Union Square

Law360, published by Portfolio Media, Inc. is an online daily newswire that covers breaking legal news for a sophisticated audience of lawyers at firms, corporations and government agencies.

We are currently looking for News Assistants to join our NYC editorial team.

Reporting to an Assistant Managing Editor, News Assistants will be responsible for the news gathering routines in Law360’s fast-paced and growing newsroom. Law360 currently publishes about 100 articles per day. News Assistants will be responsible for combing through court dockets and other public databases to find important legal developments, and pitching stories based on those developments for editors to review and assign.

Upon meeting certain performance goals, exceptional News Assistants will be eligible to join the Law360 reporter apprenticeship program.



Christian Writers/Bloggers NYC

Does it excite you to talk about your Christian faith?
Do you like most also have questions about religion?
Do you have stories that the world needs to hear?
Do you write your own blogs?
Does everyone always love your Facebook/twitter posts?

If so our opportunity may be for you!

Who are we?
We are a Christian website dedicated to connecting the world to Christ.

What is the position?
We are searching for 4 christian blog writers both (2)male and (2)female to create weekly installments of motivating, captivating, enriching and mostly intriguing discussions.

Compensation: Does not state.


Copywriter Creative Circle – Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia Suburbs
Status: Freelance – 3 days a week
Estimated Duration: Ongoing
Rate: Up to $25/hr DOE

Our client, a hybrid agency in the suburbs is looking for an onsite copywriter to join their team for a long term freelance gig.

You will be responsible for a variety of projects including content management for a large pharmaceutical client. You will be working with the content of the website and reflowing content along with developing content outlines.

In addition, there will be some weeks when you will be responsible for the copy for a number of print ads and collateral pieces.

Compensation: Yes


Writer- Warminster Philadelpia

Launching on October 6,  OnExcellence.com has an immediate need for a writer to develop and maintain a pipeline of quality content including a weekly column and the “features” noted in the library.

Writing experience and a bachelor’s degree are required and the OnExcellence mission and objectives should resonate with potential applicants. Candidates should have excellent organizational skills and be committed to continuous improvement.

Compensation: Yes


Know Senior Living Facilities or Senior Health Services?

We’re Caring.com. We think family caregivers and their senior loved ones should be armed with at least as much information about their residential care choices as the average restaurant-goer has about his or her dining choices. We’re building our local directory of senior services and housing from the ground up, and we want your help seeding it with well-written, detailed reviews.

Our company was founded by people who have been caregivers in their personal lives, and, besides our directory, our site contains expert articles, caregiver forums, and a question and answer section.

If you’re familiar with several assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, in-home care agencies, and adult day health programs (excluding any that have directly employed you) we’d love to pay you $10 per review (limit 5).

We’re looking for reviews that reflect your personal experience of any facility or service, including personal anecdotes, observations, or details such as “I saw one of the staff comfort a distressed resident with a friendly joke” or “It seemed like a lot of the residents were just watching TV.”

Compensation: Yes


Website Review Writers Needed

Free site sign-up is a new website that is topping the charts in South America. We are looking for some one to write a review about Free site sign-up and submit your review to our email address. You will be paid for a GREAT review, good or bad.

Compensation: Yes


Work-At Home Writers Needed

Our company is currently seeking for freelance workers/writers with the ability to work from home. We are providing our writers with the opportunity to receive projects from employers in one or more of the following job categories:

● Creative writing
● Website content
● Tech writing
● Translation
● Copy writing
● Printing/pagemaker
● Sales copy.

Working gigs are available in other fields as well (Administrative support, Business service, Design Arts and Multimedia,Web development, etc).

We offer:
– Hundreds of available projects
– Flexible working hours
– High pay rates.

Compensation: Yes


PoshGlam.co.uk Contributor Required
POSHGLAM.co.uk seeks well versed contributor for LFW. If interested, send clips and resume

Compensation: Not Stated


Write to be Understood

By Janice Gillgren

“Do you understand what I mean to say?” My Great-Uncle used to tack this long questioning phrase onto many of his statements or questions. I thought this was really quirky when I was young, and used to laugh at him, as he sat on his chair, with his big pipe hanging out of his mouth. It was such a long way of asking if we had understood him correctly.

Why is being understood so important? Put that way, the answer is obvious: If you are not writing (or speaking) to be understood, why bother?

The internet has changed the way we communicate. It has made communication both more simple, but also more fraught with misunderstanding than ever. You can send something around the world in a second; and your words can be kept indefinitely in an archive somewhere in cyber space.

Partly due to the fact that there are so many languages all being translated so that we can all understand each other, there is increasing opportunities for wrong understanding .

Each country, each state, each culture – all have different ways of saying the same things. Trouble is, what you say to your neighbours may mean something quite different to someone across the world, so it is more important than ever to write clearly and carefully so that (hopefully) anyone can understand what it is you mean to say.

How can you make write to make yourself more clearly understood? Here are six ways that will help:

� Use words that are aimed at your average reader’s reading level. For a useful guide to the level you should use – read your local newspaper. Their level should be suitable for you as well.

� Beware of slang- those particular words or terms used in a locality or by a specific cultural group. One person I know uses the term ‘hit the sack’ to mean ‘go to bed.’ While that’s fine when talking to a local, it’s likely to be very confusing to someone who has no idea why you should pummel some sackcloth!

� Read your writing aloud to yourself; imagining yourself to be a critical and ignorant reader. (Don’t be too tough on yourself though, or you’ll never get past the first paragraph!)

� Arrange your points as logically as possible, so that there is sensible flow.

� If at all possible, wait for a while. How long you wait will probably depend on how long your item is. I find that a longer piece of writing does better with a longer wait; probably because the important flow of an item is more difficult to determine than just grammar and spelling, and a longer wait will help you come back to it with a fresher perspective so you can more readily see faults.

� If you cannot wait, (or even if you can) ask someone else to read it. This is where a writing buddy, a mentor or a writer’s support group can be invaluable.

Sometimes, in our endeavour to achieve a certain style of writing, or attain a required word count, we may forget what we are writing for – to be understood as clearly as possible.

Having been a freelance writer for some years now, I can say for sure that the hardest work in writing is to write clearly enough that you are unlikely to be misunderstood.

So – do you understand what I mean to say?

Janice Gillgren is the author of the website and blog called [http://www.wordsandscenes.co.nz]http://www.wordsandscenes.co.nz.

The blog on this site offers inspiration, encouragement and useful tips to writers at all levels.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Write-to-be-Understood&id=6527591] Write to be Understood

Image:© Dejan Lazarevic | Dreamstime.com

The Double Edged Sword for Writers

By Jeffery M Anderson

For nine years I worked for an online publicity firm for authors. The company was one of the first, if not the first, dedicated solely to online publicity. When I joined them, in 2000, none of the major publishing houses had online publicity departments. Some of them didn’t yet have company email or Web sites. It sounds archaic, by today’s standards. Publishing, as an industry, had not yet seen the potential for online book marketing, or the migration that media was making to the Internet.

What a difference a decade makes. By the time I resigned in 2009, we were competing with dozens of other online only firms. We were competing with all of the traditional publicity firms who had incorporated online marketing into their campaigns. We were even competing with our own clients, the publishers, who had created online marketing departments in house.

The internet had captured the lion’s share of many marketing budgets and discussion time at meetings. Newspapers and even television had almost taken a back seat. Or, at least, they were riding shotgun.

What the internet has done for writers is a double edged sword. Published with a major house, or self published, a writer is open to taking the helm on much more of her/his own promotion than it is possible to imagine. Billions of potential readers are out there and the writer can connect to them, personally. But the road is littered with vicious petards. I recall one author, several years ago, that made the New York Times, not for the quality of their book, but for the shame of spamming millions of internet users with unwanted advertisements. It was a career death sentence. Other authors have sunk themselves by shilling for their books, surreptitiously, on message boards, sabotaging competing books with bad Amazon reviews or simply annoying bloggers, by not knowing the professional way to approach them. A writer has to think of themself as a brand, even if they don’t want to. A writer has to remember that everything that leaves their computer has their name on it and it could remain online for all eternity.

For self published authors, like myself, the duality is even more distinctive. On the right hand, a writer who decides to publish themselves is able to write, edit, publish and market from their computer. They can reach the infinite number of readers out there and decide what direction they want to go. There are a lot of success stories for the writers who have done it correctly.

On the left hand, there is the stigma still attached to self-publishing with the media. Although that stigma is dissipating, it is not gone. Many major media outlets, even a lot of middle of the road media, will not touch a self-published book. As someone who worked on the other side, I can tell you exactly why.

I read the statistic once that 52,000 novels were published by respected houses every year. Most every editor, online, or in traditional media, was probably offered or sent a copy of each one. I worked with these people every day and they were stressed by the amount of books coming in to them. It was a monumental task to decide what to ask for, read and write about. I don’t know how many self-published books are created every year, but, it adds to an already staggering amount of work for these folks.

And the truth remains that there are a lot of self-published books out there that are pretty terrible. Hence the reason they could not find a publisher. Sadly, there are also a lot of great ones. I never read any, until I became a self-published author. Since then, I have come to realize that there are a lot of people, like me, who have self-published because they got frustrated with the process of finding an agent and publisher. They spent seven years on a novel and didn’t want to wait two more for it to be available. Some just didn’t want to share the deep cuts into their work that an agent and publisher take to publish. Differentiating yourself from the pablum in the crowd is incredibly difficult, but, for some, that is worth the potential reward. We owe the Internet thanks for making that a small possibility.

Jeffery M. Anderson is the author of the acclaimed novel, Ephemera, a stay at home father and writer from New Jersey. http://www.theephemera.com

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?The-Double-Edged-Sword-for-Writers&id=6389816] The Double Edged

Image© Peter Albrektsen | Dreamstime.com

How Facts in an Article Improve the Credibility of the Author

Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Hartford Rhodes

Article ghostwriters know that there are many tools for writing
articles that will boost the credibility of their clients. Ghost
writing actually involves a lot of research in the development of
an article, on the part of the writer. After all, not every
article ghostwriter is going to be an expert in your field –
their niche is the writing part. The article writer will need to
do a lot of research in order to create an article that will
deliver their client’s message in an intelligent manner.

Facts Help Define You As The Expert

Those writers who are experts in their field tend to include
facts and quotes sparingly in the course of an article. But, you
may be asking yourself how facts and quotes help you to establish
your credibility with an article?

When there is a “go to guy” in your field – whether your
business focus is fitness and nutrition, home schooling, rock
climbing, skin care, or real estate, there are going to be
experts whose names readers will recognize and know – and if you
are able to align yourself with that person, your words become
more credible.

Don’t believe it? Consider the recent scandal about the Kimkins
Diet, in which a woman was able to present her “better than the
Atkins Diet” approach and to convince many men and women that
she was an expert. While she defrauded those who joined her
membership site, by using established information about the
Atkins Diet as a foundation for her own approach, she made people
believe in what she had to say.

Of course, this is an extreme example – and no one is
recommending writing articles as a tool to defraud others. Still,
it does show that references to others are a great way of
establishing credibility.

Here are three reasons why that’s true:

1. Facts in an article are hard to refute. If you have researched
your article – or your article ghostwriters have researched your
article – you are likely to find that a number of different
sources have very similar information that draws on a common
source. If you get your facts about heart health from the
American Heart Association or you get your facts about medication
from a trusted doctor or pharmacist, the information that you
present will be more difficult to refute.

2. Using facts while writing articles allows you to have a strong
starting point. As an example, let’s say that you sell coffee
online and are writing articles to draw traffic to your website.
Organizations like the Specialty Coffee Association of America
(SCAA) are known for promoting quality standards and information
about brewing and storing coffee. Using their guidelines as a
foundation for your article can give you a starting point for
writing articles that will be well-received by readers. You or
your article ghostwriters can create articles about storing
coffee beans or about why it is important to have a coffee
grinder in order to grind the coffee right before it’s time to
brew, and suddenly, you are not just selling an airtight storage
container or a coffee grinder, you are letting readers know why
they need such products.

3. Writing articles with a number of facts in them establishes
the credibility of your product or service. What needs did you
see that prompted you to create the product? If you are writing
articles about plant care because you have just created a product
that kills spider mites and is safe for pets, what’s going to
show readers how your product can help them? On one hand, it’s
information about spider mites and the way that they damage
houseplants that will persuade them. On the other, it’s
information about the ways that other insect killing sprays for
plants have harmed pets – details that you can back up with
veterinary association facts and figures. Each fact-focused
article communicates differently, and each serves to explain the
benefits of your product or service.

Reader Focused Articles Attract And Maintain A Reader’s

The key to effective article marketing is to get your readers’
attention and keep it. The facts that you or your article
ghostwriters use establish credibility within your article, are
used in part, simply because they get and maintain the readers’
attention. When readers see the facts from your article published
elsewhere, they are going to know that you really do know what
you’re talking about.

When writing articles, think about what you want the readers to
learn from the article. Regardless of the product or service you
are promoting, one thing that every article writer should strive
for is to show the readers that they can trust you, the author:
credibility is essential, and the facts you use can help you to
establish your own credibility, in a way that no other method
About The Author:
Hartford Rhodes is a writer and editor employed by
The Phantom Writers (http://www.thephantomwriters.com).
They will ghost write and distribute reprint articles for
the promotion of your online business, and they guarantee
that you will like the articles, or they will fix them to
your desires. They also employ American writers, most of
whom have degrees in English. Learn more at:

Read More Articles From Hartford Rhodes:

Going on Holiday? Write Travel Blogs

It’s human nature for people to share in the experiences of others and that’s why travel blogs are so popular.  Not everyone can afford to travel to exotic locations certainly on a regular basis so why not marvel at the experiences of those who do travel across the globe and who are willing to put pen to paper and share their adventures. I’m probably not the most well-travelled person although I hope to change that, so getting a feel for an area through the simple perspective  of another is quite frankly appealing. I have stayed in hotels and locations that are  in direct contradiction to the glossy travel agency publications and so to hear a firsthand account of a particular area is much more interesting as it denotes the human angle and not a sales one.
For example, I had a chance encounter with an old friend the other day and he regaled numerous stories and anecdotes about areas that I had often thought about going to, his truthful and yet enthusiastic approach to travel made me wish that I had travelled more and witnessed the same scenes as he for myself.
If you are going on holiday and enjoy writing, then seriously consider putting your skills to good use and sharing your stories with the rest of the world. Not only is writing a blog strangely therapeutic (dear diary syndrome) but it captures your thoughts and feelings and memories of your trip forever.  Writing a blog post is not difficult and if you haven’t already established a web presence as a writer, it really is time to do so.
When planning your holiday, research the area thoroughly because planning in advance will help you to see beyond the main tourist areas (unless of course that’s exactly what you want from your holiday) if you are prepared to be a little adventurous, going off the beaten track and mixing with the locals, will afford you a much greater opportunity to see the location from a more human and realistic perspective. Whilst you are enjoying yourself, allow one part of your brain to stay analytical and remember to make  notes and take photos too. Whatever your thoughts and feelings of the place, be honest when writing your travel blogs,allow your personality to shine through and connect with the reader, that’s what makes writing  travel blogs so much fun because it’s a universal connection as we all go on holidays and sharing the experience will allow you to reach out and connect with others on a worldwide scale.

Writing Tip of the Week 1

If you are applying for writing jobs, don’t make it a static proposal, give a little of yourself and allow your potential client to see the real you. Being professional is great but it’s still important to build rapport with a client. Writing jobs don’t just land in your lap and you are far more likely to secure that writing job if they know they are working with someone who is easy to communicate with.


Set up a Freelance Writing Blog in your Spare Time

Writing Course

By Annette Young

Many writers think that they have to invest a great deal of time and effort into their writing but it is possible to set up a freelance writing blog and start to have a dedicated readership in no time at all. If you are reading this and thinking that it would be impossible to dedicate enough time to really make the blog successful, think again, you just need to write smart.

Writing is about much more than indulging a few creative impulses, it’s about knuckling down and writing to order, it’s about planning a meticulous schedule and trying your utmost to stick to it. If you’re worried that this will curb your creative impulses, don’t, with practice you obtain a more refined and controllable flow of creativity.

You can plan your freelance writing blog weeks or months ahead. Make the most of periods of creativity and just blast out numerous writing posts and save them as drafts until you are ready to publish, a little forward planning will make the whole venture so much easier. It’s also easier to think blog topics whilst creativity is flowing and this will save you having to really work those brain cells if you are not in the right frame of mind for writing.

Your freelance writing blog is what you make it, one post a day will have your dedicated readership growing steadily but two or three blog posts a week are sufficient. You can inject a little of your own personality, or you can share your trials and tribulations with the thousands who get to read you regularly, the content is entirely up to you.  You can be as creative as you like with your freelance writing blog and you can monetise it through google ads and display other paying writing related ads, but don’t think that you can’t set up and manage a freelance writing blog if you only have a few hours to dedicate to it, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

You Can Make Money Writing

Websiteby Annette Young

Through my work as a writing tutor, I am aware just how many talented writers there are out there and whilst all are in various stages of development, many could make money writing articles or by selling their short stories but I have noticed that many people have a real lack of self-confidence regarding their creative abilities.  

I do remember how difficult it can be to make that jump from amateur to professional status and it is a scary leap of faith in your own abilities but if you don’t do it and trust in yourself, how will you ever succeed in your writing?

First of all, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve with your writing and hand on heart, be honest  if you want to make money writing or whether  you are happy to just enjoy the creative process.

If you  do really want to make money from writing then you need to put yourself and your writing on the line.

I would suggest in the first instance that you earn a few published writing credits whether paid or unpaid as this will give you invaluable experience. Try free  article writing for directories or by offering your services to any website like the Creative Competitor. This will provide a good stepping stone in terms of motivation and self-belief, provide a few published writing credits and then once you are sure that you can write with conviction and confidence, then you are ready to start generating query letters.

Just remember that writing professionally means putting in the practice first, don’t skimp on this aspect as the more you do, the better you will become. Writing should be second nature and an important part of your life. I have to admit I am addicted to writing,it’s a passion, a way of life and if you feel the same, are ready to commit to your goals, then you really can make money writing!