Dramatic First Paragraph Writing Competition Winner

This competition required writers to produce a dramatic first paragraph that would glue us to the page, congratulations go to:
1st Prize: £100 Michelle Harvey
2nd Prize: £50 P. England
Life and Darkness – Michelle Harvey


There was no mistake. The child was dead, definitely dead.
Hayley didn’t know what to do, it hurt to breathe, to swallow and to think.
Confusion swirled around her, she felt sick to the pit of her stomach. Somewhere
deep inside her, there was the idea that she should call an ambulance and the
police but somehow, her feet were rooted to the floor, the lifeless body of her
niece sprawled in the cot in front of her. Hot tears surged down Hayley’s face.
How could she bring herself to tell her sister that her precious baby had died
on the one and only night she had been persuaded to go out? And then another
thought popped unbidden into her head, what if Kirsty found out that Carter had
been here in the house….tonight?

Open Poetry Competition Winners

Open Poetry Competition Winners


1st Prize: £500.00 Mark Ford
2nd Prize: £250.00 S. Long
3rd Prize: £100.00 Richard Carter
4th Prize: £75.00 Lynne Graham
5th Prize: £50.00 Stephanie Potter
6th Prize: Personal e-Coaching Sesssion – Joe Massingham
7th Prize: 3 Months Premier 1 Membership – Kris Abildgaard


by Mark Ford


The tear that falls is bittersweet,

a tale of betrayal, of bitter loss

Who knew that life could take this twisted turn,

your misery unfolds and the

trail edged of frost.


Once, joy reigned, and emerged

sparkling shimmer, as a sunbeam

sweeping through your life.

Why did your life turn to dust

the remnants of love, a distant touch?


Did you blink and miss the light that turned cold?

Did the smile of complacency wear thin?

A frozen mask as the sky turned in and the air grew cold cold?

Did love become frail, wither and die and seep

through the cracks, filtering away?


So the answer to love lost, was to do nothing bar weep,

tears of anguish and pain did seep

Alone, as your spring and autumn mingled to one and your

winter beckoned, overwhelmed and won.