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Writing Tip of the Week 26

EditingFor this writing tip, let’s talk about how to use editing to help your progression rather than halting it or hating it. For many writers, editing is a necessary evil but it can help if you consider it the polishing up stage, a way to show the world how vital your words are and therefore, is a positive element rather than a chore.

Many writers become distracted by the red squiggly lines that shout out their errors as they write. Capturing words on paper – even when mistakes are made  – is far better than stopping to fix errors and then losing your creative flow in the process.

Editing can be a useful way to start the creative flow if you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen, wondering where to start. By editing the story or the last chapter before starting to write, you will find that you pick up the threads of the story much more readily. 

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