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4 Tips to Stop Procrastinating So You Can Finish Your Book

By Carmen Berry

The craft of writing can be complex and life-changing. But sometimes there are simple things you can do to get your book written that aren’t all that complicated or deeply insightful. Here are four obvious and practical ways you can help yourself get to writing and stop procrastinating.

1. Get rid of interruptions

Turn off the television and your phone! Sooooo many interruptions break into our times of concentrated thought. Writing requires a period of time when our creativity is allowed to come out and play. Your creative process isn’t going to be any happier than a child who wants attention while you talk on the phone. Put away all distractions. Protect your writing time.

2. Get rid of distractions

In this over-stimulating world we live in, we’re being taught to dash from one thought to another, from one online video to another, from one TV show to another…Whew.

I think it’s even harder for writers to avoid distractions because there are so many handy ones calling for your attention right on your computer. It’s easy to be swept away by articles on the latest political sex scandal, watch a cute video of cats playing the piano, find out what the Kardashians are up to and…oh, that irresistible computer game… No! No! No! Get into your Word document and focus on writing.

3. Inspire creativity

If you get stuck, stop writing and start reading. One way to get the creative juices flowing is to read the writings of other authors.

But this is also a way to keep you from writing your own material. If you need to prime the well, then read for a short while. But you won’t finish your book by reading, only by writing. So, my next advice is to stop reading and start writing.

4. Create artificial rewards

We both know that no one will stand up and applaud when you finish a chapter in your book, or successfully outline a new section. No. Instead you’ll probably get up from the computer with people impatient for you to finish and give them attention. Not exactly a motivating situation.

So set up rewards for yourself when you meet your writing goals. I often compare creativity with young children-and I suspect your inner muse is no different. So be playful as you create your rewards. Do something fun. Eat something delicious. Give yourself stickers. Whatever brings a smile to your face and gives you sense of reward after a job well done.

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