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Month: April 2014

Writing Success – The Long and Winding Road

You can’t write with sincerity if you have not lived. I found that out. I was shutting myself away after work, feverishly typing away on an old typewriter (it was 30 odd years ago) and capturing thousands of words on paper. I thought they were good but not good enough. Turns out I was right. Publishers rejected them. It was soul-destroying.

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Write Little and Often – Even if You Have to Nail Yourself to the Chair

Nailing yourself to the chair is a kind of extreme way of making yourself write, although there have been times when I would have almost considered anything to try to make myself get into the writing mood. I know how important it is to keep the flow of words coming even on those off days and a writing task that might take one hour usually could easily treble to three.

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Remember Writing for Pleasure?

Many freelance writers, who write full-time, will agree that to survive within the publishing world, there are constant pressures to seek out new publishing outlets and to continually strive for the regular publication of new articles.

To the outsider looking in, life may seem sweet, with hours to suit, no trudging to work in the wind and rain, or working at a job you despise, however, freelancers vary rarely work the traditional 9-5 and

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Writing Ideas – Stimulate Your Inner Creativity

Writers need to be able to consistently conjure up strong and original ideas to form complex plots in fiction so that the readers will be captivated and enthralled from the start through to the end. This forming of ideas can often be the most difficult of challenges for writers but it is vital that writers exel in this area and continuously create ideas to inspire and challenge their reader.

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Freelance Writing – From Low Budget to Healthy Budget

Freelance writing.It’s hard in the current climes. There are several reasons for this. Clients have less money in their budgets to pay and even if they don’t, they see that writers are prepared to work for next to nothing. There is another reason too. There are more writers out there.
These writers will understandably charge less and their need to do so is because they desperately need to boost their income. Fair point. For many, life sucks in terms of business, bills and constant drains on their money. So, assuming that these writers

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Writing Professionally – Have Some Self-Respect

I have been writing professionally for many years. My first tentative steps into the creative writing and freelance writing arena taught me a lot. It taught me that this is a tough profession with ever-increasing demands but as such, you have to treat it like any other work stream and you have a pride in your work. Work hard, work smart and be professional.

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