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Month: December 2011

Man on the Train Writing Competition

1st Prize: 150.00

2nd Prize:£100.00

3rd Prize: £75.00

4th Prize: 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 membership

Closing Date: 7th April 2012

Entry fee: £3.00

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Using the photo for inspiration, create a story that depicts a man on a journey by train, but a journey to where?


What Happens Next? Writing Competition

Using the photo published online for creative inspiration, your story must be about a man in a library who chooses a book that changes his life. What the book is and why it has such an effect on him is up to you. The story must be evolve and can be emotional, action-packed, mysterious or indeed take any shape that you like.

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You Gotta Want It Badly – 8 Ways to Actually Write

No matter how much we want and love to write, unless we’re terribly disciplined or have deadlines (or an editor/agent looming over us), our default activity is not writing. In other words, if we have a spare minute, a break between activities, the rare gift of an unplanned hour, do we write? Or do we fill it in with stuff that “needs to be done”? Or take a much-needed nap? Or call a girlfriend and relax? Or make plans for dinner?

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How to Find an Endless Supply of Best-Selling Ideas for Your Nonfiction Book Title

Follow the method in this article to analyze best-selling book titles and create your own quite different version of them. When you’ve done it right, you’ll have a resonance of success that people feel without knowing why that makes them want to explore your book and buy it.

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Some People Won’t Like It, and That’s Alright

It’s a never-ending quest to find that one thing that everyone likes. Something that would appease any man, woman, or child the world over. Every single person is different though, and I doubt there is any one thing that every single person likes. When we write stories, we write them with the intent that every single person who reads it will love it.

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6 Steps to Tackling a New Learning Goal

As writers, we have to keep learning. It is fundamental to what we do for a living. Sometimes, we stumble onto something new and learn it on the fly. At other times, we choose a topic and settle down to learn it. In other words, we set a learning goal. The task may seem overwhelming at first, but like most things writers do, the process can be broken down into a manageable system. This one has six steps.

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Writing Jobs 02/12/2011

Here is the latest list of writing jobs available for all. See any you like? Write a timely query now so that you don’t miss out.

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Junior Copywriter

he Creative Group is currently looking for a creative, deadline-driven Jr. copywriter for a client in the southbay area. The junior copywriter will be working as part of a team to develop content and copy for direct marketing campaigns. Additionally, the copywriter

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