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Month: November 2011

Thriller Novels – What Will Be The Next Big Theme?

Al Quaeda has been a gift to thriller novelists, with countless books being written on the topic since 2001. Before that it was the Cold War. What will the next ‘big theme’ be? China – the Chinese navy, China’s financial tentacles and industrial might – the author argues persuasively that this will be the next big theme for thriller writers.

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Navigate The New World Of Publishing

Anyone with access to a word processor and the Internet can become a published author, but most do not become successful authors. We all know the publishing industry has changed drastically since the introduction of eReaders, but how many authors (traditional, self, or aspiring) truly understand the changes and how to navigate this new world?

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Christmas is coming. It is a time of celebration, of goodwill and the sharing of gifts… But not for Tammy Becks. Her mum is sick, her brothers need looking after and in her desperation she turns to a coffee shop, a quiet little back-alley place, far from the bustle of the high street

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The Importance of Rewriting Your Manuscript: Revision Is Re-Seeing

Good writing takes hard work, and despite all the talk about how good writing takes inspiration, much more of it is perspiration. An author who does not revise his or her work extensively settles for a mediocre project and has not yet seen the possibilities of what the work could be. Here are some tips for rewriting to create a quality product.

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Publishing Your Ebook On Kindle and Reading It On iPad

The key to saving yourself a whole lot of time is to learn a bit about formatting for Kindle before you start to write. Sure, you can go back and change the formatting but it can take hours, and you want to concentrate on writing the novel or short story, and not on reformatting. These tips apply if you have Word (and perhaps others like Open Office but I don’t know that for sure) and you can save the first of your two versions in doc or docx. More about that other version later.

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Writing Jobs 04/11/2011

Here we are again with more writing jobs. If there are any that appeal, then don’t delay as good writing jobs are snapped up quickly. If you would like more writing markets and writing jobs, then sign up for our Premier1 membership which gives you a weekly job listings (not seen on the Creative Competitor) and masses of discounts aimed at the serious writer.

Copy Writer for Personal Ads (New York)

Person with good writing skills to write personal ads

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