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Month: August 2011

How Facts in an Article Improve the Credibility of the Author

Article ghostwriters know that there are many tools for writing articles that will boost the credibility of their clients. Ghost writing actually involves a lot of research in the development of an article, on the part of the writer. After all, not every article ghostwriter is going to be an expert in your field – their niche is the writing part. The article writer will need to do a lot of research in order to create an article that will deliver their client’s message in an intelligent manner.

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Wondering What to Read Next? Read This for Seven Ingenious Sources for Book Recommendations

If you’re feeling bereft having finished your book, it can be hard to know where to turn for advice on your next read. If your acquaintances and family members are anything like mine, they’ll be keen to foist books on you that you must read – but it can be embarrassing to admit you hated the book that changed their life (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho springs to mind), and aggrieving to realise how much valuable reading time you’ve lost wading through dross. Going it alone and simply stacking your trolley with whatever books are on Tesco’s 3 for 2 offer tends to yield similarly unsatisfying results. Here are a few suggestions for places to try for recommendations that will hit your literary spot.

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Script Treatments

A handy tool for script writers, script treatments are a step-by-step shorter version of the script you are working on. They may be used to pitch your scripts upon their completion or act as a broad framework for you to work within. Such literary compositions are always written using present tense and are invariably without dialogue or with very few dialogues.

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Blog Management – Know When to Let Go

Sometimes a topic just isn’t working – you can tell when you’re writing it, and you can tell when you’re reading it. Maybe the humor is forced, tired, or rote. Maybe the blogger didn’t go into the same level of interesting side detail that he usually does, or perhaps her topic looks like she fell back on a safe and reliable piece

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